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May 24, 2012


Trattoria Gigi Lucca

Located in a quiet piazza just around the corner from the Torre Guinigi, Trattoria Gigi is a little gem of a restaurant. There’s a small shaded patio and on a sunny day this is the perfect spot to dine. The trattoria always seems to be crowded with regulars and a few tourists thrown into the mix. I ate here for dinner with my group last year and our meal was one of the best of our week. Although the owner was busy running around making sure everyone was being taken care of, when one of the women in our group wanted a gin and tonic, he ran out to the nearby grocery store to buy a bottle of tonic to make the drink. Talk about good service.

I returned here this year on a weekday for lunch and the place was bustling. I definitely recommend having a reservation. Most of us ordered pasta and made in house, it was melt in your mouth delicate with just the right amount of topping-fresh tomatoes, arugula and shaved ricotta salata.

Next time you”re in Lucca stop in for a bite to eat. One piece of advice-do not wait for them to bring you the bill, or you may be there forever. Go up to the crowded bar area in the front of the shop and pay your bill there.

Trattoria Gigi
Piazza Carmine 7

9 thoughts on “Trattoria Gigi Lucca

  1. Was it Patti who ordered the G&T??? 🙂

  2. My favourite restaurant for lunch when I’m in Lucca. The sort of place where you don’t feel uncomfortable eating on your own. There’s always a man reading a paper or a woman with her shopping propped against a table leg to keep you company.

  3. We went there last Fall and had a fabulous dinner, too.

  4. Love their pastas – had a penne, shaved fennel, and cream sauce with blue cheese dish last year, and it was all I could do to NOT lick the bowl…how embbarrrasssing….!

    • Our Kitchen Inventions-your pasta dish sounds amazing! I just want to jump on a plane and go right back to Lucca-it’s such a special place. I feel very lucky to have been there for 2 weeks.

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