May 26, 2012


Il Mercato Piazza Carmine Lucca

This building, located right across from the lovely Trattoria Gigi, is actually the site of a mercato. You walk through the doors into this very old and spacious building and come upon a little vegetable market, manned by a few women.

The market area has doors opening up to a few shops-a fish market, one selling chicken, a butcher, another specializing in caramelle (candies) and a bar.

Built during the Renaissance, this property started life as a church. It included the clock tower and part of the interior housed a convent. Whenever I walk through here I always feel that the little stands selling vegetables are misplaced in this spacious building.

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18 thoughts on “Il Mercato Piazza Carmine Lucca

  1. Ahhhh Lucca,lovely as always 🙂

  2. What a wonderful building and a perfect Mercato. LOVE the interior—the ceiling, the niche “stalls.” How I’d love to shop there. Someday, maybe. . . Thanks for this post, Panini Girl!

  3. Will be there next week! Thanks for the preview.

  4. Lucca, Florence, all the wonderful food, sights, people…

    Thanks for helping to keep my memories alive !!

  5. All I can sayis: Lidia’s Italy can’t compare.

  6. Beautiful post Janie. I love your tower. The market is so elegant – like so much of Lucca. I hope to be passing through soon!

  7. The mercato looks fabulous. I so wanna shop there…and I am sooooo ready to return to Italy. Beautiful pictures!

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