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December 2, 2016


Mozza At Home-Braised Chicken Thighs

Over cocktails on Thanksgiving Day I had the pleasure of thumbing through Nancy Silverton’s latest cookbook-Mozza At Home. I’ve been a fan of hers for years, beginning with her well known La Brea Bakery. At the time it was one of the only places around southern California to get what you might call artisan bread […]

May 7, 2016


Chicken With Lemon & Herbs

    I haven’t had a lot of time to blog recently, but I have been in the kitchen. Yesterday I tried a recipe for chocolate caramel walnut bars which I saw on line. They looked like a blondie topped with chocolate frosting. I couldn’t wait to bite into one and planned on sharing with […]

April 24, 2016


Salmon Chowder

As you may have guessed, I am no longer in Lucca.  I always come home trying to hold on to Italy in any way that I can. I went out for gelato this afternoon made by an Italian who went to some “gelato university” in Italy.  I’ve made pasta, recreated the dishes from our cooking […]

January 9, 2016


Sausage and Escarole

Yes, the holidays are over and I can’t continue to ignore the blog. I have been cooking and baking, but not taking the time to share any of it with you. Hope you enjoyed the festivities and a belated Happy New Year one and all. There’s something about the New Year that makes me want […]

November 21, 2015


Butternut Squash & Caramelized Onion Tart

As much as I am seduced by a counter chock full of vine ripened tomatoes, I am happy to let go of summer produce and jump right into fall and winter vegetables. The squash varieties (delicata, pumpkin, acorn, kabocha, spaghetti and butternut) that are now readily available at the market can be turned into side […]

November 16, 2015


Cabbage Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Let me say right up front that I try not to share a recipe without a photo of the finished product. I’m doing it today because this recipe is just that good. I struggle with taking photos once it gets dark and now that the sun sets at around 5 pm it’s always dark when […]

March 13, 2015


Baked Ziti With Lamb

If you are new to reading my blog perhaps you don’t know that I love the Saturday “Off Duty” section of the Wall Street journal. As most newspapers seem to have less than exciting food sections, Off Duty continues to surprise me every weekend with its recipes. I’ve written about them here, here, here, here […]