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October 1, 2016


Torta Caprese

    I am a chocoholic. There, I said it. I can’t let a day go by without a little bite or two. When planning dessert for dinner guests I’m inevitably drawn to something chocolate and this time was no exception. Even though I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting  Capri, I am well acquainted […]

September 18, 2016


Growing Up With An Italian Grandma

When I was a kid I thought everyone had a grandmother who made pasta every Sunday and  had noodles drying on the bed in the spare room. I just assumed all my friends ate homemade ravioli. What did I know? I loved absolutely anything and everything my grandmother made. I really can’t think of one […]

August 26, 2016


Schiacciata-Tuscan Focaccia

  Walk into any forno (a bakery for bread) in Tuscany and you will find schiacciata. This fluffy flat bread makes the perfect snack eaten out of hand and is also ideal for panini. The dough is dimpled by the baker’s fingers before baking and then drizzled with olive oil which collects in the little pockets. Schiacciata means […]

July 28, 2016


Almond Cake-La Bella Sorella

Do you know about La Bella Sorella? Her blog is one of my favorites and I wish she were my next door neighbor. If you are looking for authentic Italian recipes, then Paula’s blog is one you should turn to. She spent years teaching Italian regional cooking and if you live in her area, I […]

June 17, 2016


Frittata di Pane

  I can truly say that summer has arrived with the first bruschetta of the season. This may look like a traditional bruschetta, but in reality this dish is more like a savory French toast. I found the idea for this in Faith Willinger’s book Adventures of an Italian Food Lover. Don’t hesitate to purchase any […]

May 11, 2016


I Cornetti

Whenever I have a failure in the kitchen (which thankfully isn’t a frequent occurrence) I feel the need to get right back in there and prove to myself that I can do it. Usually I remake the dish after analyzing where I went wrong. This wasn’t the case last week when I had a baking […]

May 7, 2016


Chicken With Lemon & Herbs

    I haven’t had a lot of time to blog recently, but I have been in the kitchen. Yesterday I tried a recipe for chocolate caramel walnut bars which I saw on line. They looked like a blondie topped with chocolate frosting. I couldn’t wait to bite into one and planned on sharing with […]