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April 19, 2020


Calitri Day Trips


About an hour away from Calitri outside the town of Paternopli is Tenuta Fonzone, a family owned winery. We spent an incredible afternoon here tasting their wines accompanied by plate after plate of local specialties.




You need to make a reservation to visit the winery and I urge you to make a stop here if you are ever in the area. The wines were spectacular and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find them back home.

Closer to Calitri is the town of Monteverde located on  top of hill about a half hour away. When looking for a place to visit I saw Monteverde listed on the website I Borghi Pio’ belli d’Italia.  The town is dominated by a Norman castle and we were lucky to get a private tour by a very nice gentleman who was very proud of his town and was a little  reluctant to let us leave for lunch!





outside town2

Another drive we took a few years back is worth mentioning. Having read about a restaurant in Melito Irpino we set off on “the slow road” passing a shepherd (wearing a New York Yankees cap) and his flock. The old town was destroyed in the 1962 earthquake and we found ruins in the middle of nowhere.

The restaurant-Di Pietro-is the most interesting spot in the new center of town (you can read about it here). The lunch was a three hour affair where we were spoiled by Enzo, the owner. It’s definitely worth a return visit.antipasto

We look forward to exploring more of Irpinia and of course sampling a lot more of the local cuisine.

4 thoughts on “Calitri Day Trips

  1. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of Calitri and vicinity. Now I have a question for you. When I was a child my grandmother made spaghetti and meatballs with brown gravy. She told us that was the way they served it in Calitri. No red sauce Does this sound right to you. Actually it is delicious.June 

    June Capossela Kempf: Author: Yo God! Jay’s Story and Lady of the Dollhouse  traditionally published by http://www.Keithpublications.comActivist and freelance essayistwww.

  2. Fabulous photos!
    Thank you for the

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