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April 25, 2020


Italy Revisited-Valle D’Itria-Locorotondo

the town

As we only had two days in this part of Puglia we didn’t get to the famous town of Alberobello. As that town is well known for its concentration of trulli,  it’s also known to be quite touristy so we decided to save it for another time. Instead we drove to  Locorotondo which we could see from our roof deck.

This white washed town was bedecked with plants spilling over balconies and framing doorways. It was another picture perfect day and the combination of the white buildings, blue skies and colorful flowers proved to be enchanting.

The streets were pretty much deserted since it was market day and most of the residents were busy shopping for their fruits, vegetables and other household items. I was more interested in the mercato all’aperto than I was in the churches and quaint buildings. We knew we wouldn’t have to time to cook a meal with the stunning produce, but we did purchase olives, bread and cheese-just the basics!


Leaving town we passed this cluster of ancient trulli. Driving the back roads between Locorortondo and Cisternino we passed similar scenes in addition to once again getting hopelessly lost!


2 thoughts on “Italy Revisited-Valle D’Itria-Locorotondo

  1. I try to get to 1 or 2 new places in Puglia every year when I’m there and Locorotondo is high on my list. Last year it was Lecce and Nardo’. I hope you do get to Alberobello. Like San Gimignano….it is absolutely magical, despite the tourists! Ciao and stay safe, Cristina

  2. Cristina-I haven’t been to Nardo-will have to look into it. Thanks!

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