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April 20, 2020


Italy Revisited-Third Stop Lecce


Lecce had been on my “must visit” list long before it ended up being a hot spot for a lot of other tourists. For one reason or another we didn’t end up actually going there until last spring. Despite knowing of its popularity, I was surprised by how crowded it was.


I was most interested in seeing the Baroque architecture that it’s known for and it didn’t disappoint. Around every corner was another stunning church, one more ornately decorated facade. The weather was superb, especially after the cold and rainy days of the previous three weeks.

Our apartment had a rooftop terrace which was the perfect spot to watch the sunset, sipping on a Primitivo and snacking on local cheese. Our restaurant meals showcased the traditional food of Puglia. My favorite meal was at Alle Due Corti  where we began our meal with a vegetable antipasto that included about seven or eight dishes-one more interesting than the next.  My main was the eggplant meatballs in the photo below.


We walked through the gates of the city towards the university area for pizza at La Succursale, recommended by Katie Parla and it did not disappoint.

Farewell Lecce. We probably need another visit…

2 thoughts on “Italy Revisited-Third Stop Lecce

  1. Great minds think alike! I’m working on a post on Lecce-I just keep getting distracted. I finally got there at the end of July and can’t wait to go again. I lived on buttata and Negroamaro rosé. I also loved Alle due Corti and had a nice talk with the owner. She told me about the time Anthony Bourdain came to interview her. hopefully we will be able to travel in a few months! Ciao, Cristina

  2. Cristina-we were only there a few days so I too feel the need to return. I loved the Anthony Bourdain story about All Due Corti-read about it somewhere. I keep planning my fall trip and can’t bear to think that it might not happen…

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