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April 22, 2012


Rooms At The Top

Just a quick one to let you all know I am here and although “internetless” at the moment in my apartment, I do have amazing views from every one. Yes-that’s the Torre Guinigi right outside my bedroom!

Another tower down the street.

Lovely Lucca with the hills in the distance. Wish you were here with me. Maybe next time? I’m off to have Sunday pranzo (lunch). Ciao…

13 thoughts on “Rooms At The Top

  1. so glad you arrived safely—fabulous view!!!!—loved being there with you last year, will live through your blog this year—enjoy—gail

  2. Oh my! No Internet in your apartment. Hope that is fixed soon. It is one thing that it is shut off at night…LOL another not to have it at all. Your view is beautiful. What’s for lunch?

  3. Buona Domenica allora! And yes, I do wish I was right there with you! Have fun. Jxx

  4. I hope to catch up with you in Lucca soon.

  5. Wish I was there….you’re so close!

  6. Looks beautiful-glad you are safe and sound-now go have a GELATO!!

  7. So happy you are there…am looking forward to all your food adventures.

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