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April 23, 2012


On Italian Time

Patience. I need to learn to be more patient.

Actual phone conversation on Saturday moments after my plane touched down in Pisa.

“Signora, sono Janie. (it’s Janie)” Followed by silence, utter silence.

Again I said “sono Janie, con l’apartamento (with the apartment), Via Guinigi”. I begin to think there might be a problem with my Italian.

Now la Signora responds “Oggi? (today)”and for a moment I think she has forgotten that I am renting an apartment, starting today!

We have had about 20 e mails in the previous weeks back and forth with details about the rental and my arrival. She had informed me to call an hour before I got to Lucca. So there I am, sitting on the bus thinking that the timing is perfect. By the time I arrive in Lucca and walk over to the apartment it will be a little over an hour.

Now she responds “Sono a Firenze (I’m in Florence)” which I know means she will not be meeting me in an hour. She says she will be there in about an hour and a half. What’s an extra half hour? I will stop for a caffe on the way to the apartment.

There I am sitting on a stoop in front of the building (the front door in above photo), which is not exactly a bad thing because I am in Italy! What’s bad about it is that I am starving and all my emergency chocolate has been devoured. Almost 2-1/2 hours later she arrives on the back of a bicycle, apologizing for her tardiness. Truth be told, once she told me she was in Florence, I knew better than to expect her soon.

Italian time. I have to realize I’m on it now and stop rushing about. I can do that. I can…

***Update: La Signora responded right away to my distress call that the internet wasn’t working in the apartment and came over and stayed until the problem was resolved.

17 thoughts on “On Italian Time

  1. Well, like you say, there are worse places to be left waiting on a doorstep! Great post!!

  2. Once I waited on a door step in Italy. It was forced fun. Got to chill out and take in the rhythm of the locals – people and pigeons. Glad your Internet is up.

  3. haha, that would be hard for this punctual girl to get used to! But if I lived in Italy, I think I could 🙂

  4. LOVED this!!! Made me (oddly) miss Italy do much. Can’t wait to be there this summer and fall…keep up the great posts!

  5. Janie that is so funny-well, not really when you have to sit on a step for a few hours…And now you have your internet back!!! Yeah…enjoy!

  6. When in Rome (or Lucca)…!

    Have a great time! Next year?!!!

  7. Just got back from Italy. Even harder is transitioning back OFF of Italian time to home schedules! Enjoy.

  8. Just got back from Italy. Even harder is transitioning back off of Italian time to home schedules! Enjoy!

  9. What a cool door…it’s amazing how relaxing it is when you are “forced” to sit for awhile.

  10. p.s. J… I think I figured out the “link” thing… glad you have your internet up. Hope your weather is good. We are dreary here.

  11. Slow food, slow travel, slow everything…it’s the wonder of being there, and adjusting to the lack of hurriedness that either cures ya or kills ya – depending on what the need is at the time! Glad all is well and you have the internet. Life is good, eh?

  12. Try being in Fiji… I think ‘Fijitime’ genuinely does mean ‘tomorrow’… If you order a beer its usually warm by the time you get it. But, hey, who cares, you’re in Fiji 🙂

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