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November 11, 2016


Happy Veteran’s Day



Thank you to all the men and women who have sacrificed their time and their lives to keep us free. You will not be forgotten.

My dad somewhere in Italy during WWII. I wonder where that little girl is today?

2 thoughts on “Happy Veteran’s Day

  1. My grandparents immigrated here in the 1920’s from Italy and became American citizens. Later on, my uncle went back and fought as an American to help liberate Italy at the end of World War II. I’m sure he touched many lives while he was there. I’m sorry I never had the opportunity to talk to him about this. Thank you for reminding us that as a people Italians and Americans are connected, even across the ocean.

  2. Stella-my grandfather came in the early 1900s and went back and fought for America in WWI. I too wish that I had asked both my grandparents about their lives-leaving Italy and their family when they were so young and moving so far away to a new country. I do know that they quickly became citizens here and were happy to be Americans.

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