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July 28, 2016


Almond Cake-La Bella Sorella

cake 2

Do you know about La Bella Sorella? Her blog is one of my favorites and I wish she were my next door neighbor. If you are looking for authentic Italian recipes, then Paula’s blog is one you should turn to. She spent years teaching Italian regional cooking and if you live in her area, I hope you enrolled in one of her classes.

I saw her post on this almond cake recently  and couldn’t wait to bake one myself. I would have gone into the kitchen right away, but I didn’t have any almond paste in the cupboard. I knew that I had an upcoming trip to Surfas, a restaurant supply house in Los Angeles, and and figured I could find a good brand there. I bought a tub of almond paste made in California called Mandelin and it was perfect for this recipe.

This luscious almond torta was everything I had hoped for. It is dense, yet moist and full of almond flavor. There’s a good amount of sliced almonds covering the cake which gives it a nice crunch.

I’m sending you over to La Bella Sorella for the recipe and hope that you give it a go.  Call up a friend or two, put on the coffee and serve!


6 thoughts on “Almond Cake-La Bella Sorella

    Grazie da cuore Janie, I am humbled and honored that you featured my recipe as well as La Bella Sorella in your blog this week. The cake looks absolutely perfect, I hope you enjoyed it.

  2. When will Panini Girl take a group to Italy again? I want to go!

  3. Thanks for the recipe, love almonds and pastries with almonds and this cake looks delicious!

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