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March 1, 2010

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Just Do It!

Is there something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time and just can’t seem to make it happen? Well, today my friend Linda from Cucina Cara Mia did something that she’s been dreaming and talking about for as long as I’ve known her-she opened a booth at a local farmers’ market!

Linda knew all along that she wanted to sell her delicious limoncello cheesecake and nutella brownies, but there are a variety of hoops that you have to jump through before you can set up shop at a farmers’ market. There’s the classes from the health department and then getting a license from them, finding a health approved kitchen to work in, getting your name registered, purchasing labels and supplies, designing a logo and finally producing your product and setting up your booth!

I knew I had to be there today to show my support and to get another taste of that cheesecake. The weather was perfect, there were lots of people shopping and there was my friend, handing out delectable samples and working the crowd. I have to admit that I was a tad jealous but more than that, I’m proud that she took the plunge and “just did it”.

So, if you are in the San Diego area on a Sunday morning, make time to visit the Leucadia Farmers’ Market and be sure to stop by Cucina Cara Mia.

One thought on “Just Do It!

  1. THANKS FOR THE FREE ADVERTISING AND PR MY FRIEND-I didn’t think you were taking the pic to use in your blog–LOL!! Not a bad picture for an “old” gal like me…I will send everyone over to you to see the official opening! Thanks again for supporting me– I DID IT!!

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