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November 12, 2007

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I Love November?

I’m new to blogging and only started in October and I guess it was good I had a few posts under my belt when I heard about NaBloPoMo-National Blog Posting Month. I haven’t officially signed up, but I am making every effort to post every day in November. It’s been a challenge but it’s actually good for me to use this time to get into the groove of blogging. I’m inspired by those of you that have been blogging for ages and will use this month to jump start my desire to write.

I do actually love November. The weather is getting colder (yes, I look forward to cloudy, cool days-it’s easy to say that when you live in sunny San Diego) and the holidays are quickly approaching. I can honestly say that for many years I absolutely hated this time of the year. Everyone around me was gleefully preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas-baking, shopping, throwing and attending parties and I was working in retail- unpacking box after box, dealing with cranky customers and even crankier employees. Now I find myself on the other side of the counter-taking time to browse while I get ideas for gifts, pouring over cookbooks while making decisions for holiday meals and just reveling in the knowledge that the day after Thanksgiving I will be home dealing with leftovers instead of packing bags for harried shoppers. I’m going to bake cookies and cakes, decorate my house and maybe even throw a party. I can drive up to the wine country, take in the scenery, sample the wares and take long walks down deserted roads.autumn.jpg I do love November and December too!

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