April 5, 2016


What’s For Dessert?

When I’m here in Lucca before the arrival of my group I have my daily routine-out early, walk on the wall and then for a cappuccino and pastry at my local pasticceria (see previous post). Later in the day as I wander the streets I pop into whatever shop looks inviting. You would think I had […]

October 18, 2015


My Americano Mixup

I’m not someone who goes into a bar and orders a mixed drink. Pour me a tall flute of champagne or a glass of wine and I’m one happy gal. Recently I’ve jumped on the craft beer band wagon. San Diego is at the forefront of this movement and there are plenty of opportunities within […]

January 21, 2015



I first fell for this dish when we were on our way up to Piemonte and made a quick stop for lunch in Chiavari on the Ligurian coast. We looked into the windows of various restaurants and felt that they looked a little too fancy for our midday meal. Finally we happened upon Luchin, where […]

November 28, 2014


Forno Campo Dei Fiori

Located in a corner of the well known Campo dei Fiori, this popular forno should be a “must” on your list any time that you’re in Rome.You can’t be shy if you want a piece of their famed pizza bianca. Unless you are there when they open the doors in the morning, you’ll have to […]

November 12, 2014

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Mortadella Mousse

You have to love mortadella to love this dish. I do and so does my sister S. so this post is for her. I never even heard of mortadella mousse until we dined at Al Sangiovese in Bologna. Located just a few doors down from Hotel Porta San Mamolo, this small eatery run by a […]

November 9, 2014


La Pace Del Pelato-Rome

Have I mentioned that Rome at the end of October seemed more like the middle of July? I haven’t actually been to Italy in the summer, but I imagine that it’s hot and crowded and that’s exactly what we experienced last week. I found myself trying to wade through the crowds around Piazza Navona on […]

November 5, 2014


Pizzaria Emma-Rome

Thanks to Katie Parla we found this pizzeria on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Rome. Rather than wandering around aimlessly and trying to decide where to eat, I went right to Parla Food for a recommendation on pizza. There are countless opportunities to eat pizza in Rome, be it the thicker style that’s made in […]

October 27, 2014


My Navona-Roma

Rome is such a big city with so many choices for lodging and meals. It can be a little overwhelming and even if you’re not much of a planner, unless you’ve spent a lot of time in this city it pays to give some forethought to your trip. Months ago when I started dreaming about […]

October 25, 2014


Day Trip-Pisa

After many visits to Italy we finally decided it was time to take a day trip to Pisa. I think we have intentionally avoided it because of the crowds and it just seemed so touristy. Well, yesterday was our day to bite the bullet and see what millions before us (including my dad during WWII) […]

October 18, 2014


Bologna-How Did I Get Here?

We were trying to catch a train to Lecce and somehow ended up in Bologna! Actually, I’m kidding. When we started planning this trip we had intended to go south, but for a variety of reasons we ended up going north instead and what’s not to love about being in Bologna? Two years ago I […]