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June 14, 2019






From the rooftop of our trullo we could see the town of Locorotondo off in the distance. After getting lost in Cisternino more than once we figured it was time to find a new town where we could wonder around aimlessly.  Leaving B and B Pietraviva I considered leaving a trail of bread crumbs behind us. I’m only half kidding…



We were thrilled that it happened to be Locorotondo’s market day. I’m fascinated by farmers markets, even if I don’t plan on doing any cooking. Next time we stay in the area for a longer period I will definitely be making use of the kitchen and shopping at the local mercato all’aperto. I wasn’t sure about the produce in the above photo on the right so I asked the vendor if it was a fruit or a vegetable and he happily sliced one open and gave us a taste-it was cucumber!


We did stop at a stand selling olives and made a purchase of a mix of plump green and black. Once again the vendor was ready with a taste which we happily devoured.




Leaving the streets lined with farmers selling their wares the crowds thinned out and we ambled along walkways festively adorned with flowers in this white washed town. I made mental notes of how I would brighten up our backyard with pots filled with colorful plants. It was obvious that the residents of Locorotondo take a lot of pride in the beauty of their town.





As in most towns in Italy there were stunning churches right in the midst of a residential neighborhood. It’s hard for me to walk by without stopping in to check out the art and maybe light a candle.




And yes, we did get lost on the way home and ended up on an incredibly narrow lane where a giant cement truck was blocking the way. We figured we would have to  back up and turn around and wondered how long it would take us to find another route back. Just then the workmen started waving at us to come forward-they moved their truck over as far as they could and we scooted by with about an inch to spare!


4 thoughts on “Locorotondo

  1. Beautiful!
    Sounds like a great trip with plenty of wonderful experiences

  2. We loved Locorotondo it is spotlessly clean. The locals certainly pride themselves with maintaining the town & I would go as far as to say it is the tidiest town in Italy.

  3. Rita-it was an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back!

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