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May 28, 2019


Wine Tasting Fattoria Fubbiano

san gennaro

It was a cool and cloudy day, but that did not stop us from heading out of Lucca to do a little wine tasting at Fattoria Fubbiano.

Located near the town of San Gennaro, the winery is a bit off the main road, reached by skinny lanes winding around and around. Despite the drizzle the scenery was spectacular-fields of vines and groves of olive trees.





We were warmly greeted by the lovely Chiara (sorry no photo…) who gave us a detailed introduction to the property and to the winery. The grounds were spectacular with amazing views of the Tuscan countryside and we all agreed that it would be the perfect spot for a wedding. All of the processing takes place in a very modern underground facility.






The main building used to be the owners’ home and it was built in the seventeenth century. It is a magnificent example of the architecture of Lucca at the time, which is still very well preserved.





In addition to the wines the estate also produces olive oil. Below is a photo of the ancient wheel used for pressing the olives. Today the olives are taken to a facility using the latest technology for the production of olive oil.




We headed inside to the tasting room where we first sampled olive oil in small blue glasses. Chiara instructed us to cup the glass in our hand in order to warm the olive. Next we took a little sniff and then tasted. The oil was grassy and peppery and I would have purchased some to take home, but it was too early in my trip to be carrying a bottle around with me. If you are in Lucca and see Fubbiano oil for sale by all means get a bottle. Next up was the real purpose of our day-to try the wines! We tasted a few whites and a rose while nibbling on bruschetta with tomatoes.



Moving on to the reds we were served crusty Tuscan bread, pecorino cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto and salami as we progressed from the Colline Lucchese Rosso to the Supertuscan- I Pampini . I enjoyed each of the wines, but of course the Supertuscan was my favorite.




If you happen to be staying in the Lucca area do not hesitate to contact Maria at MLF Tuscan Tours to organize an outing for you. Last year she planned a day at Fattoria del Teso near the town of Montecarlo for us. She knows the area well and can arrange a day to suit your needs. Thanks Maria for suggesting Fattoria Fubbiano-we thoroughly enjoyed our day there.





2 thoughts on “Wine Tasting Fattoria Fubbiano

  1. Just wonderful! What a find. That house is so unusual with its roofline. I bet you hated to leave. I would live in Italy in a snap. I have always felt at home there.. c

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