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April 27, 2019


Spring In Lucca

After a brief stopover in England I made my way to Italy and arrived in Lucca last night. As the plane landed in Pisa I couldn’t help but have this huge smile on my face. A quick bus ride later and I was in town. My Panini Girl Tour starts next Saturday so I have a week to get acclimated, do some exploring  and just enjoy being in one of my favorite places in Italy.


I’ve arrived in time for the annual flower festival honoring Santa Zita, the patron saint of the the city. Two of the city’s piazzas are filled with flower displays in honor of Santa Zita. Legend has it that while working in the home of a nobleman back in the 1200s, she frequently took some bread to feed the poor. One day she was stopped and asked what she was carrying and when she opened her apron, flowers fell out.




The town is bustling! The anfiteatro where the main exhibition is located is filled with flowering plants, herbs, trees, bushes and hundreds of locals shopping for their gardens. I feel compelled to buy something to have in my apartment. Wish I could say I had a house here with a yard to plant…





As much as I enjoyed perusing the plants the main focus of my day was hitting my food shops. More on that later!


10 thoughts on “Spring In Lucca

  1. It looks like heaven on earth!😍 Thanks for sharing, Janie!🌺

  2. Piazza Anfiteatro ‘infiorita’ looks beautiful! I arrive in Firenze on the 9th and will spend only 1 night in Lucca, the following week. I look forward to cycling on the walls 😎. Ciao, Cristina

  3. Sigh!! So pretty, I miss Italy. Love your pics.

  4. Italophilia-thanks for stopping by my blog-so happy to have found yours. I’m always looking for tips on new places to visit.

  5. Cristina-are you traveling down to Puglia on this trip? I leave Lucca on the 11th to head south.

    • No this is a ‘quickie’ trip with my 19 ur old niece. We are going to Firenze, Lucca Vernazza and Milano. I will be going to Puglia in Mid July though. Hope you have a great trip 😎. Ciao, Cristina

  6. Looks Beautiful! Have a wonderful time. L

  7. O BOY!!! —Looks like a great group Janie—-Ladies have a wonderful time in beautiful Lucca You are all in for a big treat!!!

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