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June 7, 2018


Come On In-Around Town Ferrara





One of the things that I love about Italy is the unexpected beauty that you can stumble upon as you walk around town. I saw these door knockers while exploring our neighborhood in Ferrara. Each was a like a piece of art and the wood doors themselves were stunning, each one a little bit different from the next.





It’s obvious that there’s a real sense of pride in one’s home and as I wandered around town I wished I could step inside, meet the owners and yes, I’d love to stay for supper….


3 thoughts on “Come On In-Around Town Ferrara

  1. Love the door knockers!!!! So beautiful ! Telling history

  2. I love to take photos of door knockers too, when I’m in a foreign city. The ones you found are a great selection and so unusual. I especially like the serpent!

  3. I too enjoy taking a long walk through the city and looking at each of the knockers. Often I think of the many hands that have gripped them over the years and the stories they could tell.

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