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April 23, 2018




In Rome there’s two types of pizza-thin crusted which we ate our first night at Nuovo Mondo and then pizza al taglio which you can find all over the city. Pizza al taglio is baked in large sheet pans and comes with a variety of toppings. Literally al taglio means “by the cut”. The case is stocked with pizzas with a variety of toppings and you tell them (or point) which you would like, how much you would like and they will slice you off a piece with a scissor type implement.

There’s pizza al taglio and there’s pizza al taglio. Enter Gabriele Bonci creator of Pizzeria Bonci. This is the pizza al taglio that dreams are made of. It’s a bit more expensive than anywhere else in the city, but there’s something about Bonci’s dough that makes it well worth the price.


We fought our way to the counter (be sure to take a number), picked our pizzas and went to a stand up table outside to enjoy them. There’s just something about the crust that kicks this pizza up a notch. It’s a bit chewy, crusty on the bottom, yet not at all heavy.  As usual we chose a margherita and a pizza bianca (no sauce) with potatoes.  All I can say is that this pizza was worth the effort we made to get to this pizzeria behind the Vatican.


Via della Meloria, 43
00136 Rome

If you happen to live in the San Diego area make your way to Na’Pizza where you’ll find a pretty good version of Rome’s pizza al taglio.




3 thoughts on “Pizzarium-Rome

  1. It’s hard to find but I’m ashamed to point out if you tell the cab driver “take me to the McDonalds behind the Vatican” it’s right there…..

  2. Cove Youth Band-what great advice!

  3. I love his pizza, but getting to Pizzarium was a schlep!

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