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July 8, 2017


Doors Of Calitri


One evening I decided to go out and take a stroll around the borgo. We walked the same paths every day on or way to and from the bar or the pasticceria and I knew that I hadn’t seen nearly a quarter of the town. It started as a search for a restaurant that I had seen a sign for and I just kept exploring.


To be honest it appeared that many of the homes that I passed were uninhabited, although every now and then I would hear bits of conversation and the aromas of food being cooked would drift out a window and I wished I would have been invited in.



I walked for some time and then realized I was not sure how to get back to our apartment and it was getting dark. Eventually I would have found our street as our apartment was pretty much up at the top of town. Now that I’m back at home thousands of miles away from Calitri I wish I had kept walking.


door 8

This last photo is the only door that I passed that was open. I peered inside and it was deserted and I’m not exactly sure what stopped me from going  in, but I got a strange feeling and backed away. Maybe next time…

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12 thoughts on “Doors Of Calitri

  1. These doors would have so many stories to tell. So interesting 🙂

  2. Ohh old world charm! Great stroll through calitri – Thanks Janie

  3. I love imagining what is behind these doors. If Calitri is anything like my paese, a lot of the homes are owned by families who live in the city and go on weekends, or if they live farther away the go in the month of August when things get really lively and a lot of the doors are open. Ciao, Cristina

    • Un Po di Pepe-a lot of the borgo still is empty-people moved after the 1980 earthquake. I know it comes alive every year in August when they have Sponzfest and people come from all over to attend-it goes on for a week or two. Singer Vinicio Capossela whose parents were from there comes and performs along with lots of different events.

  4. Cristina-have a wonderful trip-I am jealous that you are off to Italy. I miss it every single day.

  5. I love the assemblage of doors you have shared Janie. Together they could become a beautiful collage.

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