June 1, 2017


Forme D’Arte-Lucca

new shop

I have a tradition of strolling down Via San Paulino on my very first day in Lucca. Two of my favorite shops are located here-Caniparoli Cioccolateria-the chocolate shop I simply adore and Officina delle Pelle-a lovely family owned shop selling leather goods made right in town. There’s no doubt that I will make a purchase at the chocolate shop and eventually l find something at the leather store that I can’t live without. Imagine my surprise when I spotted a new shop selling cheese directly across from Caniparoli!


I’m a huge fan of cheese and can’t pass by a cheese shop without stopping in for a taste or two. I’m especially fond of pecorino, a sheep’s milk cheese. You can read about the Panini Girl group’s experience with making pecorino here.  Forme d’Arte (which has locations in other Tuscan towns) is a recently opened shop selling mostly pecorino, although it does carry a selection other cheeses made from the milk of goats and cows and a variety of salumi.

counter shop

The shop is nicely designed and the cheese is well displayed, but what really caught my eye were the jarred toppings that compliment the cheese. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of these products, but I did make a purchase-a spicy topping made with peppers called Confettura di Peperoncino and another-Mostardina with apples, pears and mustard. I can’t wait to open them up and serve with the pecorino I brought home. Yes, you can bring hard cheeses which have been vacuum sealed back into the US, but don’t even think about any meat products!


I have to admit that I didn’t purchase any cheese here. I am loyal to La Cacioteca which is located on the northern end of Via Fillungo and has been in business for many years.

There’s another new shop in town that was located just a few steps from our apartment on Via Santa Croce just past Piazza Santa Maria Forisportum. This is a panetteria selling mostly focaccia and a few other breads and some biscotti. The shop is tiny and one Sunday when I went there was a crowd of about 15 waiting to get in. I don’t even know its name as they didn’t have a sign up yet, but the photo below is of the shop. They will also make a sandwich for you with mortadella or prosciutto on their focaccia. I tried the classic focaccia, one topped with tomatoes and another with thinly sliced potato. All I can say is that I wish I had a piece now!


Forme d’Arte

Via San Paolino, 27 Lucca

La Cacioteca

Via Fillungo, 242 Lucca




6 thoughts on “Forme D’Arte-Lucca

  1. That looks like such a cool place to be!

  2. I LOVED this little gem, Janie!

  3. Brava, Janie, for finding some places in Lucca I haven’t seen. Forme d’Arte looks a little chichi, but I’ll check it out. The name of the bakery is in your photo, but the door is hiding part of it. It’s ‘Forno da…’ which means the ‘[somebody’s] oven’. Do you remember the address? The focaccia I love is from Forno Casali in Via Guinigi, right around the corner from the Guinigi Tower. At about 5 pm it’s hot from the oven. I like to support them, partly because the focaccia is fantastic, but also because they support Mattia Campetti’s concert series in the Oratorio degli Angeli Custodi. The back of the forno is opposite the Oratorio. When the musicians are rehearsing so much that they don’t have time to go out to eat, the bakery brings focaccia to sustain them.

  4. Erica-I also thought the cheese shop was a little too slick looking and then I discovered it’s a “chain”. They had just opened the week I was in town. I don’t know the address of the forno but it’s right next to the ceramic shop that’s on the piazza. I read somewhere that one of the owners had worked at Guisti. You took me to Forno Casali and I tried to go one day but it was closed-next time!

  5. Bonnie-I hope you enjoy the goodies you bought. I’m opening a jar tonight to serve with cheese.

  6. I understand why the shop is named as it is – art in the truest sense. Cheese is both my guilty pleasure and downfall; I am not working off the bread and cheese I consumed for the past month. Lovely post Janie…

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