May 25, 2017


Da Michele-Roma


Some time ago I read about Da Michele-Naple’s famous pizzeria-opening a location in  Rome. I figured that eventually we would actually visit Naples and make our way to Da Michele, but seeing that it was here in Rome we decided that we should seek it out. It turns out that the pizzeria is located two blocks from where we are staying.


It’s in a funny location inside of a children’s museum. We arrived sort of on the early side (8pm) and the place was already filling up. I didn’t really check out the starters, but for pizza there’s really only two choices-margherita and marinara. While we were waiting for our order to arrive the neighboring table got theirs and I was fairly surprised to see how large the pizzas were. They were hanging over the plate! I’m still getting used to the Italian concept of ordering your “own” pizza rather than sharing.

Like the Italians, we dove in with knife and fork. The sauce and the cheese were quite tasty and the crust is good and chewy.  If you can’t make it to Naples this is your chance to try its famous pizza.

Da Michele

Explora Museum
Via Flaminia, 80/82,
00196 Roma


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