May 7, 2017


Garmugia-A Taste Of Spring


It’s been raining on and off here in Lucca and the weather is a lot cooler than I had expected. While poking around my favorite leather shop I heard the proprietor recommending a restaurant to an Italian couple. It wasn’t even near his shop so I figured if he’s sending people there, it must be good. I had walked by Anna & Leo’s various times as it is next to the San Frediano church with it stunning mosaic facade. I knew that at some point during the week I would stop in for lunch.

The menu includes all the typical Lucchese dishes including tordelli al ragu-meat stuffed ravioli served with a meat sauce- which appears on just about every menu in town. There at the bottom of the page under the rest of the pasta dishes I saw garmugia-a hearty soup made with fresh spring vegetables. I am familiar with the dish as I made it a few years back. I  have to say that my version was very close to what I was served here, but there’s something about eating this hearty bowl of soup on a cool spring day in Lucca that made all the difference.

Anna e Leo

Via San Frediano N° 16-18 Lucca

5 thoughts on “Garmugia-A Taste Of Spring

  1. The really special thing about garmugia is that you can only eat it at this time of year, because it contains the last artichokes of the season (a winter and early spring crop here in Italy) and the first of the peas, fava beans and asparagus.

  2. I learned to make garmugia from your blog when you posted the recipe a few years back! We just had it about 2 weeks ago, such a lovely spring dish! My version (your version!) looked very similar to the photo you posted.

  3. Thinking of you in the north as we are now in Calabria. I have had garmugia in a SF restaurant owned by a family from Livorno and it is most satisfying, especially on a rainy day.

  4. Sorry you don’t have warmer weather – but eating this soup will at least warm your soul

  5. Am happy your are getting to enjoy such delicious seasonal dishes…and cooler weather makes eating even more fun I think! 🙂

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