April 29, 2017


Loving Lucca


Yes, I’ve arrived In Lucca and of course the first thing that I am sharing here on the blog is a panino. I discovered this spot on Piazza San Giusto last year and since then have been dreaming of sitting on their patio and having a bite to eat. Anyone who knows me would admit that I am easily won over by a good sandwich and so it’s no surprise that I ended up here for my first lunch in town. When I walked by this eatery a year ago it was closed, but there was a menu taped to the window. I stood there, studied the list of panini and made a point to return the following day when they reopened.

My first order was a panino to go. I raced back to the apartment and wasted no time in getting  down to business. I was so pleased that I went back twice that week, each time trying a different sandwich. The panini are good sized and priced very fairly from 4 to 5 euros. I usually am full after eating just half, but today I decided to go ahead and devour the whole thing. The panini are pressed on a grill and arrive slightly warmed. This afternoon, after much consternation, I ordered one filled with prosciutto crudo, lettuce, red onion relish and stracchino cheese. The crispy bread, creamy cheese and salty prosciutto made for one perfect bite.

Blend (kind of a strange name for an Italian restaurant)  would  also be a nice spot to stop by for a drink and a snack. Want to meet tomorrow?


Piazza San Giusto 8, Lucca


6 thoughts on “Loving Lucca

  1. Enjoy! I would love to meet you tomorrow.

  2. Can’t wait to try one of these, Janie! See you soon!😘

  3. A panino for our Panini Girl – perfecto!!

    How is the weather??

  4. Yum… couldn’t get my computer to open for a bit and missed this post… you’re making me hungry 🙂

  5. Why not eat the entire thing – you will be home before long and wish you had!

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