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April 18, 2016


Il Mercato All’Aperto


Why does all the produce look so much better in Italy? One of the reasons that I always rent an apartment is so that I can actually get into the kitchen and take advantage of what the mercato all’aperto (outdoor market) has to offer.


There was a sign on this pile of carciofi advertising them 15 for 5 euros! The vendor tried to entice me with this bargain as I passed by and I replied that I couldn’t possibly use that many. A well dressed older gentleman standing nearby spoke up and something to the effect that he could help me out and I just smiled back and kept on walking. I wonder what he really said?

le verdure

Lucca’s market takes place every Wednesday and Saturday morning. We decided to take a day trip to nearby Pistoia for their market day, also on Wednesday. If you visit this town be sure to seek out the Piazza della Sala which is a lovely small square lined with all types of food shops-forno (breads), pasticceria (pastries), macelleria (butcher), fromaggeria  (cheese shop) and fruttivendolo (produce).

piazza della sala

And even though it’s not tomato season at home, we did get to sample luscious ripe ones from Sicily.



7 thoughts on “Il Mercato All’Aperto

  1. Looks perfectly delicious!
    Colors bright and fresh
    Not like my market!

  2. Why? Produce in season, non GMO, picked when ripe. locally grown. But then, we knew that!

  3. Oh my but does that produce ever look tempting. I LOVE those artichokes and what a price!! You should have pursued what that guy was saying — maybe he wanted to split them 15 with you and pay half. Or you might have had a new romance. You never know!!!

  4. Linda-I was thinking the exact same thing!

  5. Nice Post… Thanks for this…

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