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April 8, 2016


Morning On The Wall

Spring has sprung. Since my arrival here on Saturday the weather has changed, growing considerably warmer. In just these few days there’s been a noticeable difference in the trees. What were then small buds, now are leaves.


I passed the Botanic Garden this morning on my way around the wall and was thrilled to see these flowering trees. We don’t have these varieties at home. In fact, a southern California spring is nothing like the spring that arrives after a hard winter. I’m savoring every moment.

botanical garden


And finally these chestnut trees  (I think) which have already formed a lovely green canopy over the walkway.

I may have missed my all time favorite-lilac-but I am in time for the runner up-wisteria.



6 thoughts on “Morning On The Wall

  1. How GORGEOUS Janie!! I’m thinking of you in
    such an enchanting place!💞

  2. All looking lovely and soon I will be there

  3. Beautiful. Makes me wish I were there. You probably didn’t miss the lilacs. They bloom after the wisteria.

    • Linda-thanks for the scoop-I’ve lived away from these gorgeous flowering shrubs for so long that I no loner remember when things bloom. Maybe I’ll get lucky and see some lilac before I go home.

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