April 5, 2016


What’s For Dessert?

la torta

When I’m here in Lucca before the arrival of my group I have my daily routine-out early, walk on the wall and then for a cappuccino and pastry at my local pasticceria (see previous post). Later in the day as I wander the streets I pop into whatever shop looks inviting. You would think I had some serious pastry addiction the way I check out each and every place that showcases baked goods in the window. I enjoy looking and do not make a purchase in every shop I go in, but there are times when I just can’t resist.

Ristori Lucca is one of those places where I have to stop myself from filling an entire box with pastries. Located on Via Fillungo, Lucca’s main street, Ristori resembles a stunning little jewelry shop, rather than one selling pastries and chocolates. I was too enthralled with the food to take any photos of the interior, so take a look at Debra’s blog post to see what I am talking about.

Early in the day I had a tiny hazelnut cream filled pasticcini which was two bites of hazelnut heaven. As the day wore on  my thoughts kept returning to chocolate tart that I had seen. Larger than two bites, but still what I would call an individual tart, this is made for the chocoholic in your life-a chocolate shell, filled with chocolate ganache and topped with meringue. I gazed at the other  confections in the case, but knew this one had my name on it.

Ristori Via Fillungo 83 Lucca

8 thoughts on “What’s For Dessert?

  1. Looks heavenly – love your updates!

  2. Less than 4 weeks I will be there. Your posts make more excited

  3. That looks delicious. I want one!

  4. The hazelnut 2 bite!!!!!!!!!! yum i remember

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