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April 3, 2016


Sunday In Lucca

After a long flight, a night at a Heathrow hotel and another flight, I am finally in Lucca. What I love about coming back is that as soon as I get here I feel like I never left. Yes, there are always a few changes-some new shops have opened, some old ones are gone-but basically it’s the town I know and love.


My apartment is located in the eastern part of Lucca. Looking out the window and seeing  the terra cotta roofs, the shutters and the laundry just makes me smile.  I wonder who lives in all these butldings, how long they’ve been here, whether their family has owned their apartment for years on end. I always rent in this neighborhood as it’s much quieter. There are fewer shops, but nothing is more than a short walk away. Lucky for me there is a good pasticceria right around the corner. I feel like I’ve been carbo loading since my arrival yesterday-pastry, pasta, more pastry. At home I only dream of eating like this! I just realized I haven’t had a gelato yet…

wall walk

I did however walk around for almost four hours this morning. Spring has sprung and the trees are sprouting tiny green leaves. Joggers, bikers, young families pushing strollers and old couples arm in arm all out enjoying the day. The garden show is here on the wall this weekend and if I owned a home nearby I could have done some serious damage.

flower boxes

I was sorely tempted to buy one of these flower boxes and haul it up the four flights to my rental. Once I’m back at home might try to train a lemon tree to espalier like this one.


I’m incredibly happy to be here and look forward to the arrival of one of my best friends-B.  from the UK -on Tuesday. I predict a lot of chatting, shopping, eating and of course some local vino. I’ll be blogging this week as I make new discoveries and the Panini Girl tour starts next weekend, so be sure to check back.

A presto!


18 thoughts on “Sunday In Lucca

  1. Lucca looks beautiful Panini Girl, I am looking forward to following your journey!

  2. So glad you are back in gorgeous/fascinating Lucca, that your good friend is arriving to visit and that your tour starts next week. Have a wonderful time. All the best, Mary

  3. Benvenuta a Lucca! Don’t forget to make your way to Cremeria Opera for that first gelato. It’s worth every step of the walk out to Via Luporini 951. The only downside is having to decide which of the 22 scrumptious flavours to have.

  4. So glad you are settled and enjoying Lucca.

  5. Hey Panini girl, I feel your happiness. I will be feeling the same way in 4 weeks. I shiver with excited looking at all your wonderful photos. How is the weather right now? Have a super fabulous time Lyn

  6. Enjoy every minute of your time in lovely Lucca! Wish I were there too… have a gelato for me!

  7. So happy you made it “home” again. I do wish I were there, some the meantime I will enjoy your photos and beautiful descriptions of Lucca

  8. Oh how wonderful to be back in Italy. Those lemon trees are tempting. I bought a small one last year and got five lemons from it. It even survived the winter (indoors). The lemon trees in Italy are just at a different level and so abundant. Enjoy your time there.

  9. Ciao Chow Linda-I agree with you about how everything looks so abundant here. I have a dwarf lemon in a pot at home and it produces a lot of fruit. Good to hear that yours survived indoors-time to put it back outside!

  10. beautiful Lucca—Great pictures—–Great memories—-Wish I too were with you

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