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March 31, 2016


Where You Can Find Me

Panini Girl is on the move and to my favorite place-Italy! By the weekend I’ll be happily ensconced in Lucca for the next few weeks. Take a look of a few of my favorite spots.


Sunday morning will find me at my favorite neighborhood pasticceria-Buralli. This pastry shop is tiny-a few small tables and a counter big enough for a few patrons to sip an espresso. It’s in my neighborhood and after a day to two they know exactly what I am going to order-I love that!


Moving on to later in the morning I’ll  be fighting the crowds at Panificio Giusti (are they open on Sunday-I hope so) for their amazing focaccia and a panino or two.


And no holiday would be complete without chocolate and my favorite spot is La Cioccolteria Caniparoli on Via San Paulino. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist chocolate!


Eventually I’ll need a slice of pizza  after all the walking around town and this is where I’ll head.  Thank you to Debra from Bagni di Lucca for turning me on to my favorite pizzeria.


Do you know about the water in the Lucca area? It’s amazing. This is the fountain in my neighborhood where I go to fill up.  I buy a bottle or two of water when  I arrive and once empty fill them up here.

il balcone

Not a huge balcony, but big enough to go out and take in the action below in the piazza.

on the wall.jpg

And lest you think all I do is eat, I will  be walking every morning on Lucca’s famed wall. Of course the trees probably will not have leaves on them yet,  but who cares? I’ll be in Lucca and thrilled about it.

Want to come along next time? Get a group together and come on a Panini Girl tour.



12 thoughts on “Where You Can Find Me

  1. Buon viaggio Janie. I will also be in Italy for most of the month starting with Vinitaly. Stay in touch. A presto P

  2. Hey Panini girl, I am going back to Lucca also. I am arriving on May 3, will you still be there. Lyn

  3. When I was in Lucca last September there appeared to be work going on in Mercato Centrale. Do you know what’s happening there? I do enjoy your posts from Lucca, I will return again in September till then I will enjoy your pictures. Many thanks.

  4. This time try Forno Casali in Via Guinigi, right around the corner from the Guinigi Tour. Best focaccia in Lucca and maybe in Italy! See you soon, Erica

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