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March 9, 2016


Lemon Ricotta Gelato


I’ve had the pleasure of testing a few recipes for the upcoming cookbook of one of my favorite bloggers-Paola from Italy On My Mind. Paola, whose Italian parents are from the Veneto and Istria, lives in Melbourne, Australia. Besides cooking, photographing and writing for her blog, she gives cooking classes in Melbourne and this fall will be a guest teacher at the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School in Sicily. It is my dream to attend this class, but with my upcoming  Panini Girl trip to Lucca in a few weeks, I doubt I can make it to Sicily this fall. I can always hope though…

I’ve never heard of gelato made with ricotta, so I was thrilled to try her recipe.  It’s rather easy to put together-no eggs-so you don’t have to make a custard. I was amazed how creamy the result was with a fresh lemony flavor.

I am not sharing the recipe-you’ll just have to wait for Paola’s upcoming cookbook. I will however remind you about my favorite almond cookies pictured with the gelato.



13 thoughts on “Lemon Ricotta Gelato

  1. OH Those cookies are amazing! (The gelato was great too!)

  2. Mmm looks good! I’m looking forward to testing my ‘Paola recipe’ this weekend🍴

  3. You’ve given me a good reason to buy that cookbook, with that tempting description and beautiful photo. I too, have always wanted to spend time at that cooking school in Italy, after hearing Fabrizio Lanza speak at our Italian cultural organization in Princeton. Some year….

  4. I love lemon and ricotta so can imagine it is just perfect in gelato… mmmm

  5. I am doing the same and feel honored as well . Your photo is magazine worthy, I am certain that the results were magnificent.

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