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February 19, 2016


Feed Me!


I wish I could say that I had just taken these photos, but truth be told they are from my last visit to Bologna. I dream of renting an apartment there and spending my time wandering about with the biggest decision of the day being what I was going to purchase for dinner. Of course I would do some cooking myself, but the selection of prepared foods in this city is just too hard to pass up. And really, who wants to spend hours forming tiny tortellini when you can buy them from the masters of pasta making?

If you haven’t been to Bologna yet it is definitely worth a detour. Staying in Florence? Why not hop on a morning train and you’ll be in the city center in 35 minutes, just in time for lunch! Maybe you should think about getting a box of pastries for the train ride back…




le verdure

la baita

la baita2



13 thoughts on “Feed Me!

  1. Good job! You did a Bologna post and did not mention…………………….EATALY ! 🙂

  2. How absolutely delicious. I spent 2 weeks in Modena a few years ago and took the train to Bologna for day trips and lunch.

  3. I love Bologna, one of Italy’s underrated cities. I visit often and, like you, would love to have kitchen and take advantage of all the delicious things on offer.

  4. Your post brought me straight back to wondering that special area in Bologna dedicated to food, just glorious.

  5. Yum … and yes, why not partake of the gorgeous handmade pastas from the masters.

  6. What a terrific collection of food pix! It’s time to go back and visit!

  7. Janie! Those of us who know Bologna know Italy – extra well! It’s a beautiful city and still something of a secret. Beautiful post. Timeless! x

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