November 25, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!


As much as I love to cook, I am happy to say that this year I am only contributing two side dishes to the Thanksgiving celebration. I’ve been making this cranberry sauce for years and I yesterday I whipped up an extra large batch because I love having it around. Try it on your leftover turkey sandwich or serve it alongside a pork roast.

The sweet and sour onion confit is a recent addition to the holiday table and I think it’s definitely a keeper.

And since I’m not responsible for more than these few dishes, I have a little extra time on my hands and I think I might throw together these savory blue cheese bites. I think they would be quite nice with a glass of bubbly before the feast. Don’t you?

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Photo was from last fall at Campo de Fiori, Rome.

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Theses recipes would certainly work well with my Thanksgiving menu; terrific spin on cranberry sauce, love the compote, and always have a gorgonzola on our cheese plate. Perhaps next year I can sneak them in and manage my family’s resistance to change.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, too! By the way, I love the picture in this posts. It speaks fall and Thanksgiving!

  3. All of it shared with family and friends at our house. So very delicious!!!

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