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August 21, 2015


You Say Tomato, I Say Pomodoro


I think tomatoes are absolutely my favorite thing about summer. I can’t seem to get my fill and never tire of serving them at every meal. As soon as they start showing up at the farmers’ market I go from stand to stand buying more than I probably really need. I just can’t help myself.

We’re not what I would call gardeners, not in the least. Our very small backyard is overgrown with lavender (watch out-5 plants can take over very quickly) and what started as an olive tree in a small pot suddenly grew two stories high once it was put in the ground. Other than that, we’re not really growing much, well, except for tomatoes in pots.

Every summer we do a few pots with tomatoes, but this year J. went all out and planted 12 different varieties. I have to give him all the credit as he did the planting, the watering and and the general care of the plants. It’s been a tomato fest since June (we plant at the beginning of April here in southern CA) and I couldn’t be happier. I have to admit that some days were daunting when 20-30 tomatoes were placed on the kitchen counter.

The most prolific plants were our two San Marzanos. I’ve been roasting them, pureeing, making sauce and freezing. Last week I was inspired by Emiko’s blog and followed her recipe for pomarola. It’s an easy way to process a large amount of tomatoes and I plan on making another batch tomorrow. I freeze my sauce in zip lock baggies, rather than canning.


I’m happy to say that all winter long I’ll be pulling sauce from the freezer to top our pasta. Thanks J. for a job well done!

P.S. We are still waiting for tomatoes from seeds brought back from Italy. These were planted much later so I will keep you posted.


These are not from our garden but I couldn’t resist sharing this photo taken yesterday at our local farmers’ market-wow!

9 thoughts on “You Say Tomato, I Say Pomodoro

  1. Simply couldn’t live without them! Yours look amazing! x

  2. what gorgeous tomatoes…yours and the farmer’s market’s… ours have been delicious but not abundant…am nurturing my Italian plants though…

  3. All those tomatoes, sounds like heaven to me!

  4. I remember my Aunties do this late August each year, thank you for bringing back those memories.

  5. I looooove pomodori, but right now I will be ok not to see one for a few days! My family just finished 2 days of making passata di pomodoro and pelati and we are pooped. You can’t beat home grown ones. The cherry tomatoes taste like candy! Hope your pomodori from seeds work out well. Ciao, Cristina

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