May 31, 2015



pizza uncooked

I should be in Italy right now. I suppose I that on any given day I could make that statement, but I really was supposed to be in Italy this week. Unfortunately sometimes everyday life seems to get in the way. Heavy sigh..

So in the spirit of being obsessed with all things Italian, we had pizza for lunch. I made the dough, but if you’re not up to the task feel free to use a store bought one.


I spread a thin layer of ricotta cheese over the dough, topped it with sauteed onion, spread zucchini blossoms over top and finished with a sprinkling of crispy guanciale and of course a drizzle of olive oil. Ten minutes in a very hot oven and lunch was served. Buon Appetito!


18 thoughts on “Pizza!

  1. Pizza con fiori di zucca is divine, but it’s so hard to gather enough fiori, so I just have it in Roma. Hope things work out and you get to go back to Italia soon! Ciao, Cristina

    • Un Po’ Di Pepe-I’m lucky that I can get squash blossoms easily when they’re in season. Besides the farmers’ market I’ve bought them at a Mexican markets too.

  2. What a gorgeous looking pizza… I love squash blossom and these are stunning…who says you can’t bring Italy home 🙂 although I hope you get there soon!

  3. A beautiful consolation. I hope it was half as good as it looks Janie. I hope for you that Italy isn’t too far off….xx

  4. So sorry to hear that you are not in Italy..hope all is well with you….The pizza looks great.

  5. Looks great , I would definitely give this a try :-)Something different to tell my friends about!!

  6. Beautiful pizza! I love zucchini flowers and am glad they’re to be had somewhere in the states – it leaves some hope that someday they may become available in the rest of the country. I haven’t ever made dough by hand, but it comes out quite nicely in my bread machine and it’s really easy.
    I just came across your site – great photos, but now I have to get a snack

  7. That pizza looks delicious. We are just about to leave Italy and as soon as I get back to Australia I will be booking my next trip in September.

  8. The pizza looks incredible delicious, especially the dough! I think that`s the most important part…

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