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February 24, 2015


Watch Tower


I recently came upon this photo from a stay in the countryside outside of Lucca. Driving from Sant’Andrea di Compito to Lucca we came upon this tower in the middle of the road. Obviously the tower was there long before the paved road and when the road was built, it went right around the tower. At first we thought it was some type of storage facility for grains. After questioning a local we discovered that this was indeed a lookout post used for signaling other towers with flames.

Just one more thing I love about Italy-you never know what may be around the corner or down that country road.

Lucca Spring 2015-Cook, Eat, Laugh & Shop with Panini Girl

2 thoughts on “Watch Tower

  1. I love this little post, Janie. It’s a perfect example of those delightful and unexpected moments that happen in Italy. I’ll bet that tower would have some stories to tell…Cheers, D

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