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December 22, 2014


Pasticcini-My Little Love


I first discovered my passion for these tiny pastries when I lived in Arezzo for a month while attending language school. As luck would have it there was a pasticceria located across from the entrance to my apartment. I made a point of stopping there each morning on my way to class and would buy a little something to enjoy during our morning break.

When I moved on to other Italian towns I mistakenly assumed that it would be easy to find a similar type pastry shop. I soon found out that this wasn’t the case. There are shops selling cornetti and other breakfast pastries, but not always my favorite-i pasticcini. Is it a regional specialty? I’m not sure. I never found any in Bologna although a few cafes in Lucca do sell them.

On our recent stay in Rome I had a mission to find such a shop. I searched on line for pastry shops and found one selling Sicilian specialties located not far the Pantheon. The shop is beautiful and the staff is attentive, but no pasticcini. One morning when we were on a mission to find Baladin (an Italian brew pub) we passed a store with pastries in the window. In we went and I tried to order just one, but that wasn’t to be. My first choice was the one with pistachios (fourth from left in the photo) and then I ordered on topped with chocolate. The pistachio was my favorite.

Lucca Spring 2015-Cook, Eat, Laugh & Shop with Panini Girl

11 thoughts on “Pasticcini-My Little Love

  1. Pasticcini and Arezzo! Two of my favorites as you already know! Buon Natale!

  2. My favourite pasticini are the mini sfogliatelle. Mmmm. Wish I had one right now! Buon Natale, Cristina

  3. What beautiful little pastries. Buon Natale.

  4. I think I found something similar in Bologna. I am hoping to get to Arezzo next year. I have been I only once many years ago and it definitely needs more time. Perhaps we will meet somewhere in Italy next year. Have a great Christmas and New Year,

  5. Happy new year! We had the great fortune of a day trip to Arezzo in November. Beautiful city and not enough time to enjoy it all in a day. Thought that was where you attended language school. We definitely want to spend more time on our next visit!

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