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November 28, 2014


Forno Campo Dei Fiori


Located in a corner of the well known Campo dei Fiori, this popular forno should be a “must” on your list any time that you’re in Rome.You can’t be shy if you want a piece of their famed pizza bianca. Unless you are there when they open the doors in the morning, you’ll have to push your way through the crowd to get up to the counter to place your order.


Once up at the front the man behind the counter will point his knife at a pizza and you can indicate whether you want more or less. There area a variety of pizzas on display behind the glass, but if you are a first time visitor you simply should start with the pizza bianca. This is a flat dough brushed with luscious olive oil and sprinkled with salt. That’s it and you will love it.You’ll get a receipt which you’ll take over to the cashier and off you go with pizza in hand. Be sure to look into the window directly to the right of the bakery door where you’ll see the pizza maker in action sliding these enormous pizzas into the oven. Maybe you should linger by the fountain outside while you enjoy your slice because you just might want to go back inside to try another one!

Forno Campo dei Fiori
Campo De’ Fiori, 22 – Vicolo del Gallo, 14

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5 thoughts on “Forno Campo Dei Fiori

  1. Ah I know this forno very well.

  2. Oh how I’d love to have a slice of their pizza bianco right now. I never pass by it when I’m in Rome, without stopping in for a slice or two.

  3. I love that Forno in Campo dei Fiori – Everything tastes great and the bakers are happy to pose for photos!! Thanks for the memories

  4. Janie! Somehow wordpress has been playing a trick on me and opted me out of receiving your posts. I am so sorry if you thought I’d just disappeared. I love your blog and am so happy to reconnect again. Thank you for keeping an eye on DU.

    This FORNO is a favourite. So cool to stand outside and eat pizza watching the theatre of the market. Unmissable when in Rome! xx

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