November 5, 2014


Pizzaria Emma-Rome


Thanks to Katie Parla we found this pizzeria on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Rome. Rather than wandering around aimlessly and trying to decide where to eat, I went right to Parla Food for a recommendation on pizza. There are countless opportunities to eat pizza in Rome, be it the thicker style that’s made in rectangular baking pans and sold by the slice (and weighed) or the cracker thin crust which you’ll find in “pizzerias”.

Located a few blocks away from Largo Torre Argentina, this restaurant has a few tables outside but we preferred to sit downstairs in the main dining room. There’s a counter where the prosciutti e salumi are being hand sliced and next time we visit I plan on ordering one of these plates. On this visit I couldn’t get past the fritti (fried items). Since eating pizza-fritta on our first night in Rome I’d been looking forward to ordering another fried starter.

When I saw suppli al telefono (rice with sauce and with cheese) on the menu my decision was made. I also ordered fiore di zucca (fried zuchhini blossoms) stuffed with mozzarella and although these were good, the suppli were the star. With a crispy crust and creamy cheesy center, these were the highlight of my meal. The pizza was good, but I’ve decided I’m more of a Neapolitan pizza fan. Would I return to Pizzeria Emma-defintely, despite our somewhat surly waiter. Hey-it’s Rome!

Pizzeria Emma
Via Monte della Farina, 28/29

9 thoughts on “Pizzaria Emma-Rome

  1. Great post. Now I am starving and off to eat something!

  2. Suppli e fiori di zucca! 2 of my favourite things:-)

  3. It sounds like a wonderful spot. I just love suppli. I’ll have to put this one on my “must try” list. Thanks!

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