October 27, 2014


My Navona-Roma

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Rome is such a big city with so many choices for lodging and meals. It can be a little overwhelming and even if you’re not much of a planner, unless you’ve spent a lot of time in this city it pays to give some forethought to your trip. Months ago when I started dreaming about a fall trip to Italy I knew that we would begin and end our trip in Rome. I wrote about our arrival in the city where we stayed close to the train station simply for ease of catching the train after a two night stay.

I actually love the research that goes into planning any trip and I think it’s good to have a variety options before making a reservation. Coming back to Rome at the end of our vacation I knew that I wanted a different type of hotel from how we began. Thinking I was done with my room search I reserved a room at a small hotel not far from Piazza Farnese. Don’t ask me how, but some time later I discovered a great travel website called Alastar Sawday’s Special Places To Stay and before I knew it I was scrolling through pages of Italian hotels. Once I saw My Navona I knew I would be canceling our other hotel and making a reservation here.

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My Navona is not a “hotel” but rather a B & B, although not the type of B & B where you’re sitting next to some strangers at breakfast. Here there are five rooms located on the third floor (fourth floor to all of us from the US) of an old building located a few blocks off of Piazza Navona. There’s a small reception room and two hallways where the rooms are housed. Breakfast is served in your room at a pre-arranged time.



The rooms are simply and very tastefully designed. I believe the owners are architects. The bathrooms are very modern, spacious and are stocked with bath products made in Italy from olive oil.

Don’t confuse this lovely inn with another hotel located at the same address. If you look up My Navona on Trip Advisor you will be reading reviews from the other establishment in the building. The area around Piazza Navona is somewhat of a madhouse-sort of like an ongoing giant party in the street. If you decide to stay in this part of the city do not even consider it unless you are assured that your room has windows that entirely block out the noise. I was amazed when the innkeeper closed our window and there was complete silence.

This inn has been the perfect place to rest at the end of a busy day of walking the streets of Rome. There are endless restaurants nearby and some of them are more than your usual tourist fare. More on that later.

9 thoughts on “My Navona-Roma

  1. October 27, 2014

    Your travel budget far exceeds ours. We could never stay in such luxury. One of my top reasons for staying at a B&B is to share breakfast with fellow travelers. They enrich my life. Judy Spinney

    • Judy-we have traveled both ways and if you look at our initial stay in Rome you can see that we stayed at a place that we enjoyed at a different price point from this inn. For us this is a treat and we find it worth saving for. Thank you for your perspective and for reading my blog.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful place to stay. Your photos look wonderful, and their site is really very inviting. Thanks also for the info on Alastar Sawday’s Special Places to Stay. I’ll bookmark that one!

  3. Adri-this was the perfect ending to our time in Italy. A great respite after the craziness of Rome. Yes, the website has some great places. I wish I was moving on to one of them right now, but southern CA isn’t a bad place to come home to…

  4. Very nice looking room- much better than the one I stayed in some years ago near Navona. But then, it does look pricey!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. You can never have enough ideas for places to stay in Rome, and this place looks perfect.

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