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October 26, 2014


Leaving Lucca


As sad as I am to ever leave Lucca, I know that we got out of town just in time. The Italian version of Comic Con starts this coming week and what I know as a charming and somewhat quiet town will be overrun by thousands of fans. Evidence of the changes coming to town were already apparent as huge tents were set up in every major piazza (and smaller ones too) and even up on the wall. Shops were announcing extended hours and around every corner there were trucks with equipment rentals.

We were told that this is the biggest convention of its kind in Europe. San Diego hosts what is probably the largest in the world every summer and I must say that we do our best to avoid downtown when it’s happening.


san michele

I heard from more than one local that they dread this time of year and many try to leave town if they can. I’m sure the merchants, hoteliers and apartment owners are thrilled to have the town filled to capacity, but unknowing visitors may be somewhat disappointed. If you happen to have plans for Lucca this week I would be sure to make dinner reservations now or you may be out of luck.


And so I’m leaving you with some scenes from Lucca where there’s not one tent or pallet with temporary flooring or harried employees feverishly working on assembling things.


Until next spring, arrivederci Lucca…


2 thoughts on “Leaving Lucca

  1. Great description of a convention I never heard of. Pictures are beautiful! Do you head to someplace warm like Calabria or Sicily for the Winter?

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