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October 22, 2014


In The Neighborhood-Lucca



I’m attached to the eastern side of the town. Maybe it’s because it’s where I stayed on my first trip to Lucca or maybe because it feels quieter and more residential. You won’t see store after store with the latest fashions and you also won’t see crowds. This lovely canal is right around the corner from our piazza.

via del fosso

We’re situated at the very top of a building-65 steps up-the perfect work out for all the food we’ve been consuming. You might say I’ve been carbo loading. I can’t help myself. I can barely pass a forno (shop with breads) without stopping in to get a little something. It doesn’t seem to matter that moments earlier I purchased a piece of focaccia.

another view

And here’s the view form one of our rooms-morning and evening.


A Panini Girl tour is in the works for the end of May so be sure to check back for the details. You too could fall for Lucca.

10 thoughts on “In The Neighborhood-Lucca

  1. I love ur site! We just left Lucca ourselves! I’m anne Rachel’s mother somehow my sub from U stopped coming via my email can I get it back grazie mille joni

  2. Thanks for sharing these amazing photos – especially the porchetta!! Carbs always are addicting – Mangia, mangia!!

  3. Lucca has been on my list to see for a long time, I can just get the feel from your photos, thanks for sharing,

  4. Unfortunately we only got to see a bare minimum of Lucca. We stopped to eat and buy gas on our way to another place. Thinking back, we should have stayed the night.

  5. I am so sad we will again miss you in Italy this year…..we leave nov 18 and return dec 3…..maybe next year….?

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