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October 21, 2014




Right off the bat let me say to my good friend MKM, sorry about the picture of the pig. That being said, porchetta is one of my favorite food finds in Italy. It’s a pile of seasoned (fennel, thyme, rosemary) pork that’s salty and crispy tucked into a roll. You’ll find porchetta panini in some food shops, but more often you’ll see it being sold from a food truck at open air markets. I’ll take two please.

Maybe I should start a porchetta truck in San Diego? Might not be “healthy” enough for the fitness crowd there…

6 thoughts on “Porchetta

  1. This looks gross and delicious all at the same time 🙂 I have heard so much about porchetta panini, but have to say, I’ve never tried one! I’ve been told that there is a food truck which sells them at the farmer’s market in San Francisco at the Ferry Building – the lines are ridiculously long so they must be delicious! Next stop, I think, will have to be here to try it out since I won’t be in Tuscany any time soon 😦 And if they sell this well in SF, you have a good chance that they will be popular in San Diego, too!

  2. When in Rome…Your trip looks delicious Panini Girl.

  3. I’ll drive down from the OC!

  4. Me too…I’ll drive from the O.C. … just saw a food show from NYC where there is a porchetta shop…dedicated to just porchetta…we’ll be there 🙂

  5. I’ll take a couple of porchetta sandwiches. Do you deliver? Ha-Ha-JHa

  6. It’s hard to resist a good porchetta sandwich, especially in Italy. Lucky you.

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