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October 17, 2014


Tazza D’Oro-Cappuccino Perfection


Whenever we’re in Rome a visit to Tazza d’Oro is always a must. Years back before I ever set foot in Italy I wasn’t even a coffee drinker. Tea was my morning beverage of choice. That all changed when I experienced a cappuccino in Italy. Gone was the bitter taste that I had always associated with coffee. In its place was something creamy and flavorful and suddenly I was a convert.

Yet I was soon to find out that a cappuccino at home in the states is a far cry from what I’d been drinking in Italy. Even the most humble Italian bar makes a cappuccino that far exceeds Starbucks, Peets or whatever your local chain is. In Italy the coffee and steamed milk are a single element, not a layer of coffee with foam over top. How do they do that? Why can’t I do that? Is it the milk that they use? I’m open to suggestions.

There are two schools of thought here in Rome on coffee perfection-Tazza d’Oro and Sant’Eustachio. Both are located in the vicinity of the Pantheon. Both have their ardent followers and we just happen to fall into the Tazza d’Oro club. Maybe because we went there first but whatever the cause we’re happy when we order due cappuccini and hand over 2.20 euros (for two drinks!) and muscle our way up to the counter. Thank you Tazza d’Oro for never changing.


Tazza d’Oro

6 thoughts on “Tazza D’Oro-Cappuccino Perfection

  1. I’ve never visited Tazza d’Oro.but you have convinced me. I’d like to hop on a plane right now.

  2. I like both places and usually visit both when I am in Rome. I always go to Caffe Greco too, in Via Condotti, mostly for the beautiful atmosphere, but the coffee is good too.

  3. I am only in Bologna this morning for a while. I leave to go back to Casa Debbio this afternoon. How long will you be in Lucca?

  4. I always go to Tazza d’Oro when I’m in Roma. It’s on my ‘un giorno a Roma’ itinerary-conveniently located near Poggi. I order granita di caffe which is a beautiful concoction of panna, granita di caffe, more panna… get the idea. My foto isn’t the best quality, but you can see it on my post
    Ciao, Cristina

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