October 15, 2014


Pizza Fritta

pizza fritta

Yes, we’re in Rome but I’m showing a specialty of Naples and the surrounding area. For me pizza fritta is one of my fondest memories from my grandmother’s kitchen. One bite and I was instantly transported to my grandmother frying up dough in oil and simply topping it with tomato sauce and grated cheese.

We’re staying briefly in the vicinity of the train station since we’re heading out tomorrow. It’s not an area I would rush to, but if you find the need to be located near the station, definitely consider staying at The Beehive, a small eco-friendly hotel with both dorm-like and private rooms. Run by an American couple, it’s clean, comfortable and very affordable. Last night while searching for a restaurant I saw a pizzeria-Meid in Nepols-serving food from Naples.

Located just a few blocks from the hotel, Meid in Nepols was a definitely a good choice. We were pleased with our meal, but for me the pizza fritta was by far the star of the evening. It was hot and crispy, not the least bit oily and with the exception of the basil leaf it was exactly the pizza fritta of my childhood. Normally I would pick this up and eat it in hand but I was trying to blend in with the locals and use a fork. Shortly after this photo was taken I abandoned the fork and just went for it!

8 thoughts on “Pizza Fritta

  1. Ah! Rome! I am gelosa! We’ve been away from Italy for four months already – but your essay brought it back to tastily! We, too, have stayed near the train station for speed of travel reasons – The Aphrodite was super clean, great service and actually a very nice breakfast in the morning. You never can tell, can you? Baci –

  2. My friend from Salerno makes this delicious fried version. I know I don’t have to tell you to have a great time. I’m wishing I were there too.

  3. Looks delicious. Hope you and J have the best trip ever. Glad to hear the wedding weekend went well. Can’t wait to hear all about everything. Have a great glass of wine for me! xo

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