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June 19, 2014


Cooking Yes, Blogging No

Do you think I’ve given up on cooking? My blog seems that it might be the case. I actually have been in the kitchen, but usually it’s in the evening when it’s too dark to take photos and truth be told, some nights I’m in too much of a rush to do anything more than get the food on the table.

In lieu of showing you my creations I am linking you to all the great dishes that I’ve been making that came from Food 52. The first one up is Thai Curry Noodles With Shrimp. This recipe is a keeper. How can you go wrong with noodles, shrimp and a curried broth? The best part might be the fried onions that get sprinkled over top. Do not skip this step!

Cheap Creamy Chicken Curry is exactly like it sounds. I have my go to curry recipes, but for a “get it served quick on a weeknight dinner” this dish will bring a touch of India to your table in a flash.

Next up is Shrimp Biryani. While the fragrant spiced rice bakes in the oven you saute the shrimp and dinner is served.

And possibly at the top of my list for simple sides is this Baked Pasta Risotto. You start by sauteing onion and then add your pasta (I used acini di pepe). After adding the wine and broth it goes in the oven so no stirring as with risotto. Once it comes out of the oven a good dollop of mascarpone cheese adds just the right amount of creaminess. Top with sauteed vegetables or serve it on its own. Be sure to read the comments under the recipe as there are a few mistakes regarding the quantity of broth in the original recipe.

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 7.41.03 PM

Last but not least, this is a dessert that I’m still dreaming about-a Meyer Lemon Cheesecake. Maybe it’s because I haven’t made cheesecake in years or maybe it’s because I just love the citrusy flavor of Meyer lemons. Whatever it is, the sour cream topping is the perfect finishing touch. (Photo from Food 52)

4 thoughts on “Cooking Yes, Blogging No

  1. I can certainly relate to the photo issue…I love to cook at night and it is just a terrible time (and light) to take photos in…yet still, your food always looks awesome and soooo appetizing…

  2. Eatbetea-it sort of drives me crazy that I can’t get it together to do photos at night. Thanks for the compliment-maybe now that it’s staying light later I can do a better job and get more food on this blog!

  3. I understand the word” busy” , too. Great idea to sow us the recipes from Food 52. I like the idea of Baked Pasta risotto, no stirring, the baking in the oven, however prepare in the cooler months.

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