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June 2, 2014


La Cioccolateria-Lucca


Anyone who really knows me is very aware of my love affair with chocolate. No matter where I am I have to have at least a little piece every day. A bite or two mid afternoon and I’m a happy gal. My passion for chocolate is such that every year I go cold turkey for the six weeks of Lent. It started as a kid in Catholic school and has followed me for years where now I think I do it to prove it to myself that I can indeed put a temporary hold on my obsession.


That being said, as soon as Lent is over I am back to my daily treat. To break my fast J. always indulges me with a box of See’s chocolates which is a staple if you live in southern California. Growing up we had a neighbor with family in Los Angeles so I was introduced to this candy as a youngster. When I’m at home I’m happy to have a pound of See’s around, but once I get to Lucca it’s Caniparoli Cioccolateria for me.


This shop is always one of my first stops when I get to Lucca. I love to buy their chocolates as gifts for friends and clients that join me on my tours, but of course I’m really there to stock up for my addiction. I think I’ve I’ve tasted everything in these photos and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.


I’m a fool for anything with hazelnuts so white and dark chocolate in the top photo is usually my first purchase. There’s also bark with puffed rice (see above) similar to a Nestles crunch but taken to a whole new level.


Do not hesitate to buy one of their cakes. They come in a variety of sizes, one even small enough to have all by yourself. I am dedicating this post to my two amazing friends Bonnie and Bev who can appreciate how great this shop is. Bev is the creator of the cake shown below-an amazing recreation of the one from La Cioccolateria that we shared on our last night together in Lucca. Thank you B & B for following me to one of my favorite Lucca spots day after day.

bev's cake

Caniparoli Cioccolateria
Via San Paolino, 96

29 thoughts on “La Cioccolateria-Lucca

  1. That is such a naughty post!!! I love everything in Lucca.

  2. I love looking at chocolate and tasting chocolate from different places. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes I visited this store and it is very special

  4. Che buonissima ! Here’s to coordinating a visit to Lucca insieme! Ciao!

  5. Grazie,

    Saremo a Lucca per 8 giorni questa mese e mio marito anche e’ passionato da cioccolate. Ma, siamo già’ triste perché sara’ la ultima posta in nostra grande avventura, incluso 6 mese in Italia, andiamo in bici.

    No vedo l’ora di ritornare a Lucca. E’ una carina citta’.

  6. Mmmmmmmm, that looks like the chocolate shops to end all chocolate shops!! I need to find it!!! ;o)

  7. I have a piece of chocolate each day as well. I took my love of chocolate to a new level when I bought a chocolate shop when I lived in Florida. I used to love the intense smell of chocolate when I would open the back of the glass cases each morning when I opened the store each day.

    • Karen-I can’t believe that you owned a chocolate shop! I don’t think I could handle being around it all the time-not enough willpower!

      • It was impossible to eat chocolate in the shop…I was worried that I would have a melted chocolate smile when a customer came into the shop. 😀

  8. …one of my favourite shops in Lucca.

  9. Wow this is a super post. I love dark Chocolate .. and I love looking round chocolate shops , I don’t really have a sweet tooth , but a square a day normally does me. thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow. What a wonderful store. It looks like Chocolate Heaven. Living in Los Angeles, I too know See’s Candies. To this day I stop in and get a caramel o a Scotch Kiss when I go to the mall. Just being in the black and white store brings back lots of happy childhood memories.

    • Adri-isn’t See’s just the best? I feel lucky that I was introduced to it as a kid even though I grew up in NY. Once I made it to CA I knew exactly where to go for my chocolate fix!

  11. Most delicious cake ever (the one B bought, not the ones I tried to re-create)!!

    • B-you are crazy! I know that your cake was just as good as the one in the shop! The next time we are together in Faversham I expect this cake to be waiting for me-okay?

  12. There are so many incredible pasticcerie and sweet shops in Italy like this one in Lucca. I remember one in Assisi that we found just wandering around. It had the most glorious giant meringues on display. Plus all sorts of wonderful soft torrone. But I also love good chocolate. There is so much of it in Italy. I think your habit of a small piece every day is a good one. I may have to pick it up.

  13. I was just in Lucca almost two weeks ago and went to the chocolate shop, but it was closed for holidays. I was really disappointed. I guess I will just have to go back to Lucca again soon 🙂

  14. Nancy-I am so sorry to hear that the shop was closed but at least you were in beautiful Lucca. I am jealous!

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