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May 2, 2014


Super Spring Starter


Whenever we’re out in a restaurant I can’t help but try and see what everyone else has ordered.We could be in the middle of a serious conversation and I’m craning my neck to follow a waiter to see what’s being served. I just feel the need to know about the dishes that I didn’t order. Do you feel the same? Last week we were at lunch at Pizzeria Mozza in downtown San Diego and as I was spying the food on the neighboring table I realized that they were doing the same thing and were checking out our appetizers.

Of course all the dishes I saw looked delectable, but the one I wish we had ordered was asparagus with burrata cheese. It looked like the asparagus and burrata were topped with balsamico but when I got home and looked in the Mozza cookbook I realized that it was brown butter. I decided to forego the brown butter and go with balsamico.

Simply toss asparagus with a little olive oil, roast for about 12 minutes in a 400 degree oven, remove from oven and top with burrata, sprinkle balsamico over and throw some toasted pine nuts over top, add salt and freshly ground pepper. Done!


10 thoughts on “Super Spring Starter

  1. It looks delicious. I would use balsamic too.

  2. You could have been describing me…I’m always trying to see how everyone else’s dishes look. 🙂 Your appetizer would certainly make me happy.

  3. Yum, Asparagus is delicious and very good for you.

  4. Oh I am always checking out everyone else’s plates. This one looks fab!

  5. Adri-some times I feel like I want to change my order!

  6. maybe good for my diet also…

  7. I have GOT to try that! Good to see you again!

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