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April 13, 2014


Memories Of A Tuscan Spring


My love affair with Lucca began four years ago when we spent two weeks outside of town in the borgo of Sant’Andrea di Compito. Just five or six miles outside of the centro, this little hamlet is quite peaceful yet close enough to pop into Lucca for dinner.



It rained almsot every day, but somehow it didn’t seem to matter. Laden with umbrellas we took long walks in the surrounding hills. One morning we were awakened by a thunder storm which knocked out power in the house and we couldn’t have been happier!



There’s not much in Sant’Andrea di Compito-a bakery, which was out of bread by ten every morning and one restaurant. There was a bar, but it was more like a men’s club. I never saw one female anywhere near it. Our favorite spot in the morning was Pasitcceria Sottopoggio just a few minutes away by car. I still crave their cornetti filled with mascarpone and salami.


It’s spring again but I’m not anywhere near Lucca. I’ll just have to make do with my photos and memories until the next time…




19 thoughts on “Memories Of A Tuscan Spring

  1. And what glorious photos they are! I have never been to Lucca, but seeing it from your perspective makes me want to visit. It is all so green! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Buona Pasqua a te!

    • Adri-there’s something very special about Lucca. As much a I long to visit the south and the area where my family is from it will be hard for em to go to Italy and not spend some time in Lucca.

  2. We are traveling to Lucca in June and staying in the center. Any suggestions for great restaurants or interesting things to do. Love, Love, Love your insights!
    Fondly, fellow lover of Tuscany

  3. Hey Panini Girl
    I will be there in 3 weeks, well Bagni di Lucca to be exact and I will have plenty of lovely spring photos. So stay tuned to my blog. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanx Lyn

  4. I’ve been in the bar. That’s one woman. Admittedly it is always during the camellia festival in March when there are lots of us needing a coffee.

  5. Even with rain, spring in Lucca sounds very enjoyable. Lovely photos to remember your experience there.

  6. I have been to the camellia festival there, it is a very pretty place.

  7. My first trip to Lucca was back in 1990, Janie. I went with my parents. I still remember the meal we had at Le Tre Mura (now, unfortunately, closed – or it was a couple of years ago). It was the first time I had minestra di farro, drizzled with good olive oil. In fact, there was a little table cart nearby the table that had several bottles of olive oil on it, each with its own purpose, i guess. All the churches, the amphitheater piazza, the boulevard on the wall ~ what a magical city it was. My husband and I took our kids a few years ago. We biked around the wall and saw the building that used to house the restaurant. It looked so neglected. How I would love to reopen that place! Your pictures are lovely. I enjoy the area outside of the city ~ more rugged than the typical Tuscan hilltop towns, but pretty nonetheless. I’m sure you’re looking forward to your next trip!

    • Domenica-what wonderful memories of Lucca! I really love spending time there and would love to stay for more than just a few weeks. I wonder if by chance the restaurant was Antico Caffe delle Mura which is up on the wall and was where we dined the very first time we stopped in Lucca. The restaurant did close down a few years ago and now it is open again.

  8. Beautiful photos and wonderful article!

  9. We are in Lucca today, for 5 more days….hop a plane and come on over? Cooking school tomorrow if you can join us…then winery and lunch on Wednesday. Weather is cool but clear. We’ll try to find il baccanale tonight and report back to you on our results!!

  10. I love this area – friend Silvano has a nice vineyard there

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