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October 30, 2013


Meet Me For A Glass Of Wine


I spied this tiny wine bar last year when I was in Lucca. On my own before my tour group got to town, I decided to stop in for a glass of red wine. I was drawn in by the charming entrance and was immediately welcomed by Walter, who is one of the owners (what is the Italian name for Walter?). I was the only patron and so after taking my order he came over to chat and while he does speak some English, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to practice my Italian.

The wines here are local and are vino sfuso (What is vino sfuso? Translated word for word: “loose wine”. More properly defined: bulk wine, wine on tap, wine from the cask.) So to clarify, you are getting wine from the tap, rather than a bottle. As in other local spots that have vino sfuso, you can bring your own empty bottle and have them fill it up.

Walter asked if I was hungry and as I’m always hungry when I’m in Italy I said “yes” and he brought me a platter of bruschette which he didn’t charge me for. I enjoyed my snack, the wine and of course the conversation and was happy to have found a nearby spot where I felt welcomed.

Il Baccanale
Via S.Andrea 14

12 thoughts on “Meet Me For A Glass Of Wine

  1. We have a Valter in Ponte a Serraglio. Perhaps that is it. This place looks very cute. I will have to check it out.

  2. Lovely story. Lovely moment of Italian hospitality.

  3. I guess the store used to be a cobbler’s before becoming a wine bar (from the sign over the door)! Sounds like Valter enjoyed having you in his place and you found a fun spot to visit!

  4. Let’s indeed meet for a glass of vino! Especially, there in Lucca!! LOL! We’ll have to try your new “hang out” when we are there in November. Come along?

  5. My husband and I read about this place and we looked it up immediately we arrived in Lucca. We were so disappointed they were shut for holidays during our stay! We will have to wait for our next trip in 2014.

  6. My goodness, any time! It sounds lovely!

  7. I visited here in May and met Walter…great little wine bar and fantastic soup! I’m going back to Lucca this week! So excited! I’ll say hello to Walter!

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