October 11, 2013



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There’s a restaurant directly below my apartment which has tables outside facing the piazza. On nights when I’ve been feeling tired it’s been tempting to run down there for dinner, but thanks to a review by a local I’ve avoided this spot. I’m happy that I did because my new friend I. confirmed the review (thanks Vico Girl!) and said the food was pretty mediocre and it was more of a “tourist trap”.

I have my own favorite Lucca eateries, but I also trust the recommendations from my rental agent who happens to have the best properties in town. When I saw her listing for Ammodonostro I thought it was worth giving it a try. It was an easy walk from the apartment and somewhat off the beaten path from the streets I usually traverse. We entered into a lovely dining room but the real appeal was the lovely garden out back.

The patio was charming and the woman who led us back there was delightful. I have to say right up front that I had a serious craving for roasted potatoes so I knew that I wouldn’t be ordering pasta. I was more than happy with my potatoes and roasted chicken thighs, but I really should have ordered the roast pork which I spied at a neighboring table. It looked amazing! Well, there’s always next time…

Via della Fratta 20/22

4 thoughts on “Ammodonostro-Lucca

  1. You’ve got the best reason in the world to go back Janie! Enjoy!!! xo

  2. Thank you for posting so frequently, sharing the wonderful photos, and giving us the experiences of your trip. You are my heroine! and I tell people about paninigirl and her Italian bug often. You are certainly inspiration for exploring Italy in a couple years in our retirement. I look forward to more…

  3. I’m going this coming Spring!

  4. A few months ago we had a lovely meal at Baralla panini girl. Not quite sure where I got the reco from. Perhaps from you? 😉


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